The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Shop American-grown this Valentine's Day!

The Crop Report | Shop American-grown this Valentine's Day!

We made it through the thaw! Man, it was cold on the farm and this seasonally affected chick was feeling it until the weather turned and the temps crept up. I might be stomping through mud but I'm not shivering through snow and there is plenty of color on the farm to keep me mentally cheerful.

The first real blooms on the farm haven't arrived yet but that's ok, we have some incredible neighbors here in Virginia who are helping us satisfy our flower craving with BEAUTIFUL tulips.  Over the past few years, we have slowly grown our friendship and farm collaborations with Bloomia, a large mono-crop producer of amazing tulips in the Northern Neck of Virginia. My husband's family is also from this beautiful area so the relationship felt destined from the beginning for me!

While they are a large production facility that looks much different than our family farm operation we have created a beautiful relationship with different parts of our flower industry to bring what I think is the best Valentine’s Day option to support American farmers I know.  

Our friendship over the years has bloomed into a partnership that shows the beauty of farmers working together and not against. So this year when you think about the relationships that matter in your life I hope you choose the beautiful tulips from Harmony Harvest where supporting one farmer supports many.

If you're looking for the special bouquet for your Valentine this year, consider supporting American flower farmers and send Virginia-grown tulips, available for nationwide shipping! And in the spirit of love day, the first person to use promo code REDTULIPS gets 10% off your preorder of a red tulip bouquet!

XOXO, Jess

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