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The Crop Report | Decadence and Dahlias

Holy smokes it’s hot and dry. We’ve been working our poor well overtime (carefully of course!) and doing rain dances in small groups here on the farm. The grass is crunchy and the farm fields look shriveled. It makes me count my blessings that we have kept our core crops watered and happy. You certainly don’t have to look far around here to see it, the dahlias are in full glory!

Dahlias are one of the most important garden blooms in late summer or early fall and one that I have spent nearly 10 years honing my craft of growing. It’s been a long journey learning to properly love and care for the garden giants but oh are they worth it, every ounce of worth it.

If you are looking to swoon over some blooms or learn about how to properly grow, harvest, enjoy, and winterize these divas, then come on out to Dahlias and Desserts for some immersive gardening therapy. Not only will I be giving you my 10 years of hard-learned knowledge in my entertaining storytelling way, but I will then lead you into the dahlia gardens with snips and guide you towards cutting and creating your own delightfully abundant dahlia bouquet.

Of course, if that isn’t sweet enough on its own, we have Sweet Nana Cakes joining us this year with a delightful selection of treats to indulge in. It’s sure to be a wildly fun and decadent evening delighting all the senses among the dahlias. Come alone or bring your friends, I promise you will leave with a bunch of new connections and most likely a big ol smile. And the first person to use promo code LOVEJESS gets 10% off their ticket to Dahlias and Desserts!

XOXO, Jess

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