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Grow Heirloom Mums With Us

For over 10 years, Jess has been cultivating a collection of stunning heirloom mums. Today, we have over 200 varieties of mother mums that we use to propagate thousands of plants each year for the most beautiful fall show you could imagine.

In previous years, we've sold off our mum root stock and the results from our growers is absolutely extraordinary. This year, we've worked hard to deliver a more reliable and healthy way for you to grow with us by selling pre-ordered rooted cuttings. 

In January, we released our first round of mum plant boxes which included a mix of our favorite varieties. Even though we doubled our inventory, we kept our numbers conservative because we wanted to ensure that we would be able to deliver on the promises we made. As growers, plant buyers, and mum lovers ourselves, we wanted to maintain our high standards in quality, service, and integirty.

Thought his year's mum plant sale has concluded, our heirloom mum boxes will return in Jaunuary of 2024. Join The Mum Project mailing list to get updates on mum-related events, plants sales, and special announcements! 

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To learn more about ordering mums, visit our Mum FAQ page. And, if you're interested in learning how to grow the perfect mum crop, check out our course The Complete Guide to Growing Mums!