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Picking a favorite might be impossible. 

Whenever someone asks us what our favorite flower is, we usually say "it depends on the season." But in all honestly, it's the mums. With an infinite range of color, texture, and shape, the heirloom mums are hands down our favorite crop of the year - and the one we're most proud of. The finale crop to our growing season, the mums are an inspiring reminder that great things are worth the wait.

We have been collecting our favorite heirloom mum varieties for over a decade and propagate our crops each year from over 80 mother mum plants. In January, we release our Mum Garden Boxes, which are bare-root starts from our crop. To receive alerts on when our Mum Garden Boxes are available, click here to sign up for our Mum Waitlist



Apricot Courtier Indian Summer Primrose Tennis
Purple Light Mancetta Sunset Whirlaway
Kelvin Tattoo Prom Queen Honey Glow
St. Tropez Prom King



Annie Girl Coral Charm Doreen Statham
Evan's Dream Fort Vancouver Luxor
Lynn Johnson Mocha Moira
Norton Vic River City Seaton's J'adore
Shock White Out Kelvin Mandarin
Apricot Alexis George Couchman Jefferson Park
Piranga Savanna Charlton Coral Reef
Emporia Orange* Fire Island Red Bicolor* Red Springs*
Presidio Deep Pink* Hollister Yellow* Hilo Tangerine*
Purple Springs* New York Dazzling Yellow* Roanoke Dark Pink*



Crimson Tide Harogomo Obsession
Quan Yon Hung Seaton's Coffee Seaton's Ruby
Fort Smith Lili Gallon Desconso
Harogomo Seaton's Ashleigh Saskatoon White*
Chesapeake Yellow* Brighton Yellow* Estes Park Purple*
Peele* Green Valley* Oakville Yellow*
Pueblo Yellow* Runca Yellow* Pittsburgh Purple*
Williamsburg Purple*


*These mums are licensed and cannot be propagated.


New 2022 Varieties

We’re growing new mums in 2022! Here’s a list of new varieties that you can expect on the farm next season.

Grandchild French Vanilla
Fire Glow Fall Charm
Coral Cavalier Coppersmith
Chiffon Cheerleader
Baby Tears Trinket
Royal Glamour Rose Grenadine
Joanette Hopscotch
Honeycomb Homecoming
Helen Mae