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The Victory Garden

The Victory Garden is our pick-your-own flower patch at Harmony Harvest Farm. The Victory Garden is inspired by the Women's Land Army of America and it's Farmerettes who fulfilled the US's food supply during both World Wars. With many of the nation's farmers off to war, President Woodrow Wilson called on Americans to plant gardens to ward off the threat of a food shortage during WWI. Word of this initiative spread through women's groups and garden clubs and by 1917, 3 million new garden plots were planted, growing to over 5.2 million in 1918. 

Reemerging during WWII, Victory Gardens made up 40% of the nation's fresh produce - Eleanor Roosevelt even planted a Victory Garden on the lawn of the White House! 

As a women-owned and operated farm, we love embracing the path blazed by these amazing female farmers. ❤️


Pick your own flowers for only $25!

*Closed for the 2022 season*

How it Works:

  • The $25 fee includes a Victory Garden cup and entrance into the pick-your-own garden to fill up your cup. No additional picking is allowed. 
  • You can return your cup or purchase a reusable flower sleeve at the Farm Shop if you prefer, however Victory Garden admission will not be discounted.
  • You must pay to pick your own flowers before entering the Victory Garden.
  • When you get your cup, you'll also be given some loaner snips to use while you're picking. Snips are returned to the Farm Shop when you're done.
  • Flower picking is only permitted in the Victory Garden. To pick flowers throughout the farm, sign up for a Harvest Tour
  • Daily picking has limited availability and is on a first come, first serve basis. 

Victory Garden Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday's: 8am - 12pm
For directions to the farm, click here!