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Frequently Asked Questions About Visitng the Farm

Where are the flowers?

We get it, when you visit a flower farm, you expect to see endless rows of flowers. While we do have several crops blooming around the farm during the season, there's a good reason why it's not a sea of flowers. First and foremost, we are a production flower farm, not a botanical garden. This means we cut the flowers and our beds are not perfectly groomed. We harvest the flowers early in their bloom cycle to fill orders and make bouquets, and in many cases, flowers are havested before they open so they can have a maximum vase life for our customers. Second, we do what's called succession planting. This means that we are constantly removing crops that have run their course and planting new ones. If all of our houses and fields were in bloom at the same time, we wouldn't have flowers the next month! 

Where are you located?

The farm is located at 201 Little Run Road, Weyers Cave, Virginia. Please use the main entrance by the sign. Click here for directions to the farm.

What are your hours?

We are open Tuesday - Friday from 10 am - 4 pm (with extended hours until 6 pm on Thursday) and Saturday's from 8 am - 12 pm.

Are you hours seasonal?

Yes and no. Our grounds will close around the middle of October (after the first frost), but the Farm Shop will stay open year round! During the off season, you can shop holiday greens, dried flowers, and fresh flowers from our greenhouse and other American farms. 

What can I do at the farm?

Lots! Feel free to walk around the farm (see the answer to the next question) and take photos at our Love Sign and photo ops! We also offer Harvest Tours, workshops, and special events throughout the year. Be sure to checkout our event calendar to see what's happening at the farm! 

Can I walk around the farm without taking a tour?

Yes! You're more than welcome to come walk around the farm during our business hours (Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm, and Saturday 8am - 12pm). We have "What's in Bloom" boards posted at the lower tunnels and the top fields so you can see what is growing and where. Please note that we ask you not to enter any of the houses. You can view what's growing from the side paths. 

Is the Farm handicap accessible?

Yes. Most of the grounds are open with plenty of space to navigate. That said, the farm exploration experience is currently offered only on-foot and there are hills. We have accessible parking in front of the Farm Shop, and you can access the Farm Shop through the ramp at the garage door. If the garage door is closed, simply ask one of our team to open it for you, or give us a call and we'll take care of you. If you'd like to pick your own flowers, we can also accommodate parking next to the Victory Garden to make to shorten the walk. We also have handicap accessible farm bathrooms (porta-potty).

What should I wear to the farm?

It's important to remember that you're going to a farm, which happens to be outside. Most of the areas you'll be walking at the farm are grass and can be a bit uneven. We try to fill in holes are we see them, but you should always walk with caution. Prepare for the weather! It might be hot, it might be cold, and there will absolutely be bugs. We strongly recommend applying sunscreen before you visit the farm as many of the fields and houses are in open areas with no shade. You don't necessarily need closed-toed shoes, but please -PLEASE- leave your heels at home. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! But there are a few rules. All dogs must be on a leash and no pets are allowed in the farm shop. You may notice a few farm dogs off a leash (Cassie, Mercy, and Nacho) and we will put them on a leash or in the house if they bother you. If you dog is NOT friendly with other dogs, please leave your dog in the car and ask our team in the Farm Shop to put the other dogs away BEFORE taking your dog out of the car. Any aggressive or destructive dogs will be asked to leave. 

Are there restrooms?

Yes! We refer to them as "Farm Bathrooms", which is a nice way to say porta-potty. Our farm team has used these for years and assure you they work just fine. 

Can I bring my own food?

Of course! We only sell small snacks and you're more than welcome to bring a picnic lunch or snack to enjoy at the farm. All we ask is that you take your trash with you. 

Can I bring alcohol?

No, outside of special events, the farm is a non-alcoholic advenuture. The Shenandoah Valley is filled with some amazing wineries and breweries, and we felt like we wanted offer a non-alcoholic experience for our community. 

Can I pick my own flowers?

Yes! You can pick your own flowers in our Victory Garden. When you arrive, stop by the Farm Shop to get your cup and a pair of loaner snips.

How much does it cost to pick your own flowers?

The Pick-Your-Own Victory Garden is $25 which includes a cup and the use of a pair of snips. Fill your cup as much as you want! 

Can I get a guided tour of the farm?

You can! We are currently offering Harvest Tours on Thursdays and Saturdays through the end of September. Harvest Tours include a pick-your-own experience of our favorite blooms and a Harmony Harvest Farm cup to stash your goodies. The cost of the Harvest Tour is $40 per person, and if you'd like to join and not pick flowers, you can take the tour for $10 per person. Click here for tickets

Do you offer private events?

Yes and no. We offer private Harvest Tours and workshops for larger groups, but we don't host any large private events like weddings. To book a private tour, contact us at