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Candle Ring Vase Flower Frog Sets

Candle Ring Vase Flower Frog Sets

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The latest addition to the Floral Genius sustainable design mechanics are the Candle Ring Vases! These clever containers fit perfectly between a candlestick and taper candle providing a foam-free way to add stunning floral accents to your table! 

Includes three two-piece sets for six candle ring vases total!

The bases of the Candle Ring Vases hold water and are accompanied by a top with strategically designed holes to place flower stems through. 

Using a Candle Ring Vase is easy! Simply fill the base of the Candle Ring Vase with water and adhere to the top with a few small pieces of clear tape. Set the Candle Ring Vase on top of the candlestick and secure it by placing a taper candle in the center of the ring. Arrange flowers in the holes at the top of the Candle Ring Vase. 

No candlestick? No problem! Use the candle ring to create a stunning base for a standalone taper candle!

Ships free in the continental US! 

Outside diameter:  3-1/4"

Interior Hole Diameter (for candlestick):  1"

Height:  2-5/8"