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The flower frog and vase in one! 

A versatile addition to your floral design toolkit, these pin cup flower frogs are water-tight making them one of the only foam-free design mechanics on the market that has its own water source! Use them to turn any container into a flower vase, or as a standalone perfect for tablescapes and window sills!  Designed to hold flowers large and small, the Floral Genius pin cups are extra-heavy and feature the pin frogs with long pins placed closely together for superior stability. 

Floral Genius is proudly the sister company of Harmony Harvest Farm. As the only US-made flower frogs, the Floral Genius line of pin holders is renowned for exceptional quality.  
It's a flower frog in a water-tight cup! The pin cups have a heavy base for stability and feature extra-long, close-together pins to accommodate an array...
It’s a votive vase! These fun tapered pin cups can hold big ideas in a petite sturdy and water-tight base. Like all of our pin...