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Harmony Harvest Farm is a 20-acre cut flower farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that ships mixed bouquets and bulk flowers nationwide. The farm is owned and operated by sisters Jessica Hall and Stephanie Duncan, and their mom, Chris Auville, or as they like to call her, The Lady Monarch. While shipping flowers isn’t a new concept, Harmony Harvest Farm has pioneered flower shipping directly from thefields to the end consumer in the United States.

The Trifecta

Jessica Hall

Co-owner | COO | Visionary

Chris Auville

Co-owner | CFO | The Lady Monarch

Stephanie Duncan

Co-owner | CMO | Integrator


To make American-grown flowers accessible to everyone, everywhere.


To create a better life through flowers.



Take care of people like you'd take care of your family. Engage your roots and make them stronger. Prioritize human kindness and unconditional respect.


Stay honest, virtue takes precedence above all else. Embrace your funny bone and be a champion of happiness. Grow yourself and your community with the same passion that we grow flowers.


Challenge anything that stands in the way of passion. Be fearless in the pursuit of a wealthy life - the kind that money can't buy. Be creative and take time to play.


Leave it better than you found it - your planet, your profession, your relationships, and your community.