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It takes a village.

2024 applications will open in the Spring. To stay up to date, subscribe to The Mum Project Monthly.

When we were gifted our first chrysanthemums over 10 years ago, we had no idea that those plants would lead to something so much larger than just a beautiful cut stem. Admittedly, it took us a few years to truly understood the value of these plants and what their cut flowers have historically provided to gardeners and nurseries throughout the United States; however, today, they are the floral focus of our flower farm in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Over the years, we've collected vast amounts of information about our plants and growing methods. This provided the confident foundation that led our team in developing our chrysanthemum growing curriculum. Our team has been fortunate to spend countless hours of conversation and education with mum experts across the country who have generously shared rare books, resources, and their invaluable expertise. However, as more and more folks begin to fall in love with mums, we are clear eyed about the reality that our experiences and perspectives are based on years of growing solely in zone 6b.  

We are asking for your help to change that. 

We would like to learn how our mums actually grow in the rest of the United States. We figure the more we know as a community, the more we can share - and the more we can share, the closer we are to changing the world through chysyanthemums. It might sound crazy, but we believe these plants are powerful for American agriculture and that is the precise reason that we started The Mum Project

The Mum Project is a collaborative initiative to revitalize American agriculture through chrysanthemums, and to accomplish this big goal, we need your help. 

For the first time ever, we're piloting a new way to build the chrysanthemum community through a nationwide trial program. With this program, we will select 10 growers from across the country to share their experience growing mums. We hope that together we can learn more about the unique conditions of growing mums to strengthen America's floriculture footprint.

If you're interested in learning more about mums and participating in the trial, apply before April 30th, 2023. 

Eligibility Requirements
  • Enrolled and completed our Complete Guide to Growing Mums Course. 
  • Are able to complete 16 weekly reports during the growing season. These reports will be completed through a Google form, so access to internet is required. 
Selection Criteria

This trial is open to anyone growing chrysanthemums that meets the eligibility requirements.  We strive to be as inclusive as possible in our everyday life and this trial is no different.

What You're In For

    If selected, participants will be mailed rooted cuttings selected by our grow team in May 2023. In exchange, participants will be required to submit requested data and pictures weekly for 16 weeks through a Google form that the we will supply.  

    As an added benefit: 

    • All participants will be added to the private Harmony Harvest Farm Mum Trial Facebook group with lifetime rights. This group is meant to allow fellow participants to engage with each other's unique experiences and troubleshoot challenges as a community.
    • Will get two (2) one-on-one calls with the Harmony Harvest Farm grow team
    • Will be invited to three (3) Zoom calls with all trial participants 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at