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Plastic for the Tunnel!

Plastic for the Tunnel!

Does anyone else feel like the past few weeks have been a total blur? Between Valentine's Day and Spring planning, I can't believe that we are already approaching the end of February, which means flowers aren't too far away!

If you have been following along you know that a few weeks back a wicked stormfront ripped the plastic off of one of our spring production houses.  YIKES~(You can catch up by reading what happened here)  The exposed crops, the flapping plastic, and the unexpected repair bill, are all really hard grinds on a farmer's nerves in the winter.  These risks come with the job and just like everything in life have to be tackled one bite at a time.   

Our Favorite Greenhouse guy Kevin came to our rescue removing the old torn plastic and replacing it with a new roll rated for 4 years; we are thrifty farmers but you need to know where to invest and we always invest in quality greenhouse plastic because that's our protection from the world, at least for the little plants inside.  

While these large rolls of plastic are best installed on really warm spring/summer days so that the plastic stretches and goes on as tight as possible. We had an emergency repair and had to put it on while cold and rigid.  It's also ideal to install on a very calm day. Wind can make a 100ft long roll of plastic become a big ol' kite fast.  The day Kevin came was a bit blustery giving his entire crew a real workout putting the plastic on.  While neither of those factors made recovering this house a breeze, weighing the value of protecting the crops inside over delaying for an ideal day was a hard call.  Sometimes we don't get to work in ideal conditions and still have to make the best of it. We chose to recover and call Kevin back if it needs some tweaks come summer.

Did we save the crops inside?  Time will tell. It's still uncertain but we made the best decisions we could in the moment and with the best help possible. And you know what? A few weeks have passed and what felt like a crushing blow is nothing more than a repaired memory and lessons learned.  Now can we just get to those nice calm warm days?

XOXO, Jess

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