The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Mums are planted!

The Crop Report | Mums are planted!

There is a ton happening as always on the farm but here lately we’ve been back on our favorite subject - Chrysanthemums! The farm's fall planting is in the ground!

We have become very affluent in the growing language of chrysanthemums but in order for us to continue to improve we have to keep questioning what we “know” so each season we pick something to switch up or “trial” and have already noticed some dramatic changes in this year's tweaks. We also believe in the power of hive mind learning where we share knowledge to collectively improve what we all know. So in addition to testing out some of our own methods we are working with growers across the country to trial some of our beloved heirloom chrysanthemums. All this cool info we are collecting will be shared this November, I mean MUMvember at our digital Mum Summit and the following day at the farm at Mum Showcase! Look for dates coming soon.

With this year's mum crop tucked into beds we can now watch them grow and flourish. We worked really hard this year to try and represent as much of our motherstock collection in this year's fall crop, mainly because so many of these we haven’t seen before ourselves. It’s the hardest practice of patience I’ve ever experienced and the building anticipation of blooms is what I live for.

The mums grow so fast from now until they begin the slow trickle of blooms in September which makes for the perfect flower crop for folks who visit regularly to monitor along with us. Even when not in bloom the vigorous grown and beautiful foliage always grabs folks attention. Mums just have captivating energy.

There is lots happening as we blaze a trail to a better tomorrow through chrysanthemums and to follow all the action make sure you check out The Mum Project on our website for the many ways you can get involved too. Heck, grab a shirt and support the cause!

XOXO, Jess

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