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Flowers and Live Music

Flowers and Live Music

If there is a combination that sets my soul on fire it’s flowers and music. When I first met my husband in college it was his love of music of all kinds that we bonded over, hopping from concerts to small bar performances over our dating years and into early married life. The name of the farm itself Harmony Harvest infuses some of that love of melody into our daily rhythms.

As a nineties kid, most of my music comes from that era and the oldies and classics from the adults I grew up around. I may not be a very good singer but I’ve never shied away from belting out lyrics.

While the big spring push on the farm is behind me I took advantage of the calm of this week to head with my sweetheart to Richmond’s Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for a night of music. As my favorite college band Drive By Truckers took the stage surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees I was in my element. It’s no wonder the botanical gardens look so good when they are infused with great music regularly.

Music and flowers are the common theme right now as the farm prepares for our annual outting to Red Wing music festival next week! We can’t wait to set up shop and infuse the music with our flowers!

Steph and I are also sneaking in another date night music show with our husbands next week, too. It helps us recharge, recenter, and refuel the mind….plus our husbands miss us.

While we have been enjoying the tunes we want to give you a chance to feel the same soulful connection among the flowers at the farm. Make sure you join us at Flower Fair to hear the Harrisonburg Jammers perform! They will also be joining us at the farm this season so you can have a few opportunities to enjoy the music among the flower fields. Take a look at our event calendar to see what Saturdays you can find the jammers at the farm.

Take a minute to come out and pick some flowers and enjoy some tunes or snag one of our wildflower bouquets and pop in your favorite mixed 90s tape and jam out…..

By the way what were we THINKING belting out Ginuwine Pony in sixth grade!?!? It makes me blush just thinking about it!

XOXO, Jess

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