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It's Summer on the Farm

It's Summer on the Farm

Every year I level up just how proud I am of this beautiful farm. While it’s been sizzling hot the fields have been filled with color and all teams are feeling caught up- what a rare feat!

In crop walk this week we oohed and ahhed over the latest floret zinnias, celosia, and the gumball gomphrena that’s finally ready for the picking! The dahlias are beginning to pop up and the lissies are slowly coming into the cooler. What a beautiful mix of blooms.

July is almost here and with it comes celebrating American Grown Flowers Month. Why July? Because it’s the only month of the year that all the states are in bloom! What a cool way to take pride in American grown this 4th, huh?!?

I’ve been sneaking some of our wildflower mixed bouquets into my own house to fill the space (and make it not feel so dirty) and it’s brought me so much joy having flowers everywhere in my home.

Even better, we’ve been packaging up some of the prettiest collections for backyard parties, birthdays, and weddings. Don’t forget the 4th is coming and we would love to help fill your holiday with some beautiful flowers. For the first three people who book a collection here is a special discount code- Save 20% of a wildflower bulk collection using code WILDJULY. Hurry, it only works for the first three of you! Let’s decorate with some flowers fresh from the farm this July!

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