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Gardening Yard Sale at Spring Flower Fling 🌿

Gardening Yard Sale at Spring Flower Fling 🌿

As a mom, I feel I’m constantly in a state of cleaning; the kids' bedrooms are complete disaster zones, laundry is backed up for YEARS, and my new prized robotic vacuum just can't keep up with the daily flow.  With the perpetual role of cleaning inside it's kinda ironic I find so much joy in cleaning up the farm each spring season.

But there is just something different about cleaning garden beds and old sheds rather than a sink full of dirty dishes. The farm team has worked tirelessly to clear out the old growth and debris from the perennial beds and our beloved victory garden. It's coming to life with fresh green shoots and signs of coming flowers. Crop walks have turned into a fun game of flower spotting for the first blooms.

We have unsealed the greenhouses from the winter preparations and rolled up the sides to let in some fresh air.  The shade cloth will be going up soon and the frost blanket and satellite heaters in the tunnels can FINALLY be put away.

The barn is getting cleaned up too.  The upstairs had our loft floors and railing installed by our fantastic uncles.  This means we can better store all our dried products and have more moving room for all our workshops and events.  Just in time since the first on-farm workshop kicks off this weekend!

Now I have my sights set on the bottom of the barn, we have collected quite a variety of gardening treasures over the years.  It's time we go through it and part ways with most of it.  We are planning a really fun gardening yard sale, junking event at our Spring Fling later this month.  From frost cloth to landscape fabric to pots and trays we would love to set up your garden for success and clear out some space in our barn.

Spring is always fresh, vibrant, cheerful, and just plain magical.  I am so excited to share spring on the farm with you this year.

XOXO, Jess

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