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The Crop Report | A May Victory

The Crop Report | A May Victory

The time has come for the annual reopening of the Victory Garden! If you’ve never been the farm, the Victory Garden is our pick-your-own flower garden that is an homage to the women-led gardens that fed the US during WWI and WWII. Man, this project has been a labor of love that has stretched beyond the farm! It’s been exciting and rewarding to see how much of our community is equally invested in bringing the victory garden to life.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been so blessed with a team of volunteers that have gleefully shown up to lend a hand. From folks pulling full days during our volunteer calls, to classes of teenage kids looking out at the world around them beyond the edges of the school bus and desk - it has been a blessing.

One of the most fulfilling parts for me is that I get a chance to explain why this project is important while sharing some of our sustainable garden hacks with our community. There have been so many wonderful conversations about woodchips, leaf mulch and cardboard, interplantings and long term maturity of the garden. It’s been such a treat to build this together.

I also tackled the unforeseen hiccup we ran into last year when we first opened which was literally no good path to the victory garden from the shop and parking lot.

It’s little things like this that we don’t see coming and have to get creative to fix. I did just that by shuffling a few plants around and installing our new yellow brick road to victory!

This little garden is starting to pop off in color, ripe for the picking, and the first wave of Victory Garden signs finally arrived. Just like the plants, this garden will continue to grow over the season and we can’t wait to see old faces and new faces finding joy in picking flowers. We have lots of folks signed up for a pick-your-own subscription this season and I can’t blame them for saving some dough while building some flower-filled experiences into their summer schedule. If you’re close, or plan on visiting the Valley, be sure to stop by and grab some blooms! 

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