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The Crop Report | Back to School or Back to the Farm? Both!

The Crop Report | Back to School or Back to the Farm? Both!

August marks the return of school. I'm not at all sure how I feel about that since the kids have been incredibly helpful on the farm, assisting with essential tasks like watering and weeding. As we approach the end of the season, I’m soaking up the last bits of summer quality time that I can.

However, alongside farm responsibilities, I find myself now juggling what feels like a full-time job—shopping for supplies, new shoes, and haircuts, while also managing tasks like downloading teacher apps for the new year and ensuring school registrations are up to date.

This month is also significant as it marks Mary's 10th birthday. She meticulously planned the celebration, keeping me informed about each step of the process. (Kinda like a walking talking project management system…but only for the projects she likes).  Amid organizing her party, preparing school lists, and tending to the farm, I had a realization. A common thread emerged across all three lists: flowers . Okay, It might seem obvious to some, but it was a noteworthy "aha" moment for me.

Speaking of commonalities, if you've been noticing a surge in back-to-school discussions please do me a favor, and pass along this Harmony Harvest Farm link with your fellow moms and teachers. We're currently offering tours and group activities on the farm, providing an excellent opportunity for the community to engage in creative and meaningful ways, especially as our education systems seek innovative connections with the youth. 

Please spread the word about booking farm tours on your mom and community group pages, or share it via email with teachers. I really appreciate your help in letting folks know some of the things we offer! We love hosting a variety of folks from all walks of life and connecting us all through flowers! Whether it's gardening enthusiasts or professionals seeking a unique bonding experience. The farm has proven to be a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together through the beauty of flowers.

And before I sign off, don't forget to come snag a bouquet or pick your own for that new slate of teachers, (we need all the brownie points we can get out the gate ) or as a birthday gift! Bouquets make really great tokens of love and affection, too.

XOXO, Jess

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