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The Crop Report | Concussion Comeback with Dried Flowers

The Crop Report | Concussion Comeback with Dried Flowers

I’m OK for anyone concerned, and for those who don’t know I bumped my head and ended up with a concussion . This means after rolling off of bed rest I’ve been put on light duty. Fortunately for me, the farm is too hot for field work so I’ve had some extra help catching up the drying barn.

Just like everything else in life even with the best structure something always falls behind. And I wasn’t going to let that be the case for our dry products this year! My oldest, Addie, has taken the reins on our entire dried process this season but with her being out enjoying band camp I knew we couldn’t let dried fall too behind.

As the dried field and spring field are in transition, large swaths of beautiful product starts filling the barn floor ready to be counted, prepared, and hung for drying. I decided in the cool dark of the barn this was somewhere I could help without compromising a speedy recovery (40s do hit different, y’all!) and I’m so glad I did because it refueled my creative love of our dried florals.

Our process is pretty slick if I do say so myself, and from the jaw drops of all our visitors I would say it’s pretty impressive in person. From how we process it to how we store it to what we make, the heritage barn is walking into the life of our dried program at all stages. We get so many folks interested in drying flowers and man is it SUPER simple with a little planning and know-how. Last year we released the dried course to show you all our ways (since I was spending too much time giving tutorials and forgetting to feed my kids dinner).

Because having dried flowers when nothing is left in the fields requires some planning, right now is an excellent time to dig and feel empowered to put some new skills to work this fall!  And that’s why I’m sneaking in a little deal. The first person to use coupon code LOVEJESS will get 25% off our dried course! We can blame it on my concussion if Mom asks, m’kay?

I hope you take a chance to enjoy flowers at all stages in their life and yours. Dried flowers can be appreciated in ways fresh cannot and it changes how we see things. Another lesson on the journey of discovering a better life through flowers!

XOXO, Jess

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