The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Out of Flower Fair and Into Field to Vase

The Crop Report | Out of Flower Fair and Into Field to Vase

I made it through Flower Fair and didn’t break my leg!  That was probably the smallest highlight from last weekend. Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect! From great music and food to expanded crafts and activities the entire farm was a ball of flower-themed energy!


It was actually the very first Flower Fair my husband has been able to take off work to attend, so we put him in parking. We never saw each other all day, we were both too busy. That night as we recapped he told me how shocked he was at the size of our crowd. I don’t know why, he knows I like BIG parties. Nonetheless, he listed off to me all the highlights from his perch in the parking fields and sneaking to the gathering garden for a Cheesesteak Scenarios meal.


It was so nice to see so many folks come out and enjoy all the work and effort that goes into the farm. And it’s got this place looking sharp for our next big upcoming event - Field to Vase! We are so excited to be hosting this big, fancy fundraiser dinner at our farm this year! The farm will be decked out in floral archways, TJ McGrath will be doing a design demonstration, the chef will make an appearance - romantic doesn’t even begin to describe it! Don’t miss this opportunity! 

 When big events are scheduled we work like maniacs to tackle as much on farm side as we can meaning before Flower Fair our dried field was flipped for late summer dried floral crops, tunnel 5 had its plastic removed and the soil repair has begun with a cover crop. Dahlias were pinched back and netted, spring crops removed, lingering plants were planted and so many weeds were yanked!

The farm looks instantly different after the dust settles from an event like Flower Fair and we can all take a few moments to revel in what we accomplished and how inspiring it is to share it with our community. If you haven’t had a chance to stroll the gardens I highly suggest coming on out! The fields are beautiful, we have more signage out (finally yay) and the magic of the farm feels a little stronger this time of year. Might I suggest signing up for a harvest tour?! 😊


XOXO, Jess

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