The Crop Report

The Crop Report | January on the Farm

The Crop Report | January on the Farm

It’s mid-January and we are off to a really solid start here at the farm. In the cold winter months, the farm crew gets acclimated to my whining as we warm up for the day indoors. We work on tending to computer work and learning modules. One of my favorite parts of this journey is all that I have learned and tucked away over the years. I’ve amassed tons of books online classes and notes so during our slower months the team brushes up on skills. That, and catching up and making sure all records have been updated digitally. 

From there, we have been hyper-focused on mums and it makes me SO happy watching all these amazing moms wake up and see new life begin again in cuttings! We are working hard to keep our mothers happy while we give repeat haircuts to make new babies to be shipped in a little more than a month! I swear these are hands down my favorite plants and deserve a spot at your home too.


While the farm team has been farming the design tables have been designing. Mackenzie and Catherine have come up with a jaw-dropping lineup for Valentine’s Day and the new tulip bouquets!?!  I’m over the moon to have flowers in my house again. It sets the tone for my day and you should see how it will change yours. These bad boys are like a dose of spring in January so snag one up!

This week also ends with our big team annual huddle. We sit around the conference table at our neighboring airport and review the plan for the year. It’s a lot of thinking and dreaming with my favorite people (and lots of snacks). 

I told you the farm was busy. But this kind of busy makes me smile. It’s just busy enough to forget it’s January, but the pace feels manageable and peaceful. I’m digging 2024– I hope you are too!!!

XOXO, Jess

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