The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Rosie the Retriever

The Crop Report | Rosie the Retriever

Wow, does the farm look SO good! Everywhere I turn the farm is exploding with life and color. There are new plants and new flowers exploding daily and one of my favorite parts of my work week has become the crop walk with our team.

On these weekly walks, we comb the entire grounds discussing strategies, workflow, and upcoming availability. Mackenzie has joined the walks to help keep our design table connected to the fields, which also helps us all manage the cooler inventory. Having everyone join these weekly walks from customer service to design fulfillment has quickly proven invaluable.

The biggest distraction to these walks has been my newest employee. Yup, I added a new face to the lineup. I needed an assistant, y’all. And while she has already done an incredible job “assisting” me she tends to become a bit of a distraction to everyone else.

Meet Rosie!

A while back I shared about the heartbreak of making the right choice to find a better forever home for Mercy. What I didn’t really share or expect was just how much I depend on a four-legged companion to navigate life. I had an inescapable void in my heart and as much as I tried to suppress it, my family and the world around me could see it clearly.


My kids and husband made the choice to find me a new buddy, and late one evening after a soccer practice he and the kids came bounding into the bedroom with a shaking 12-week-old chocolate lab puppy.

We’ve been inseparable ever since. She has visited the schools, my favorite shopping spot (the Dollar General), the Motherland, and pretty much everywhere I tend to frequent. She has made four-legged and two-legged friends here at the farm and is learning the rules (I wish house training was going as well but she is cute so I will forgive that).


So crop walks might be a little distracting for a few weeks with a new, cute coworker, and you will surely spot Rosie and me bouncing around on the golf cart if you stop in. Man, she loves rides! I hope you find some time to come see the spectacular views and meet Rosie this summer.


It shocked me how much I need her companionship for my own well-being, enough so that we will be pursuing some service work training for her in the future. So I can share her support and let her help show others what she has already shown me. Can I make it through this life today?

Rosie the retriever says yes I can. 

XOXO, Jess

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