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The Crop Report | Roses of Spring (aka *ranunculus*) are back!

It’s ranunculus season on the farm! It’s the first big crop and flush of color we get here on the farm and it always changes the vibe when ranunculus season hits.

The bounty of color and stems is nothing short of impressive and the never-ending vase life makes them a customer favorite, too. Our crop is right on time this season which means we will now begin the juggling act of keeping them cool on those hot spring days as temps over 70 degrees will stop blooms and force the plant into seasonal dormancy. Yikes, not after so many cold weeks of babying them do we want to see that happen. So we vent our houses put on the shade cloth and cool the soil with long, cold watering. If we do our job well we can expect a good 5 weeks of blooms off of a single planting. We do a few things to stage the crop for a longer harvest window and hope the last blooms time up with the first peonies. It’s a balancing act for sure.


When these sweet little plants decide it’s time to bloom they don’t hold back, meaning I’ve been spending lots of weekends and evening time helping the harvest crew get the bunches harvested, inventoried, and into the cooler. All hands on deck right now so we can get these lovely blooms into your hands before the Easter festivities. After a long-awaited return, the ranunculus bouquet is back and I can personally say these are some of the prettiest blooms we’ve ever grown, so you will want to snag one for yourself or send one to someone special. These are a can’t-miss deal, I mean I’ve already taken two in my house.

They are available now for nationwide shipping or on-farm pickup! Book your ranunculus bouquet here. ❤️

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