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The Crop Report | A Better Life Through Chrysanthemums

The Crop Report | A Better Life Through Chrysanthemums

Few projects I’ve dreamed up have felt so profound as The Mum Project. I’m a dreamer for sure but somehow this vision feels so much more real and powerful. This dream is something that has the collective power to make a change that feels personal and global at the same time.

I’ve shared the journey that has led us to The Mum Project in previous crop reports but today is where I share the now, (what we are doing), and the future, (what the potential can be).

The Mum Project is my vision for a grassroots, community-supported revival of a beloved flower that we can all grow and appreciate with the potential to bring US floriculture back to the table with an exportable signature flower, the heirloom Chrysanthemum. It will take many growers producing the flowers, lots of designers showcasing them in design, tons of avid gardeners looking to expand their prized collections and knowledge, and every last flower advocate we can muster; inquiring for them at stores, talking them up to friends, and sharing the beauty in the world of social media. We all play a part to make this happen and we all will reap the rewards if we do.


So what’s the action plan out of the gate? Get as many of these rare plants out into the US as we possibly can. If you have followed along on this mum journey lately, you know we are quietly tending to our new massive collection of varieties we want to preserve and share. Hundreds, y’all. HUNDREDS of types.

So after lots of planning, and over-performing plant starts, we are excited to be bringing our heirloom preservation boxes back in stock so you can grow these beauties with us. We will be exclusively releasing our grower's choice preservation boxes because that’s our focus to spread as many of these close-to-lost treasures around the country as we can. The beauty is in not knowing the gems you will receive to help us treasure and preserve. Make sure to sign up for the mum waitlist to know the second these rare treasures drop!

Not only are we looking to fill every corner of the country with mums but we want this to be a long-term, sustainable project and the only way to do that is to continue to learn, test, and share. With a community approach to growing and sharing our results, we can amplify our voice and create a quality movement with a cohesive unified program created by flower lovers.


In order to do this we will work with YOU to build our own national trial. We will be selecting 10 growers across the country to receive 3 different varieties to grow out and share their experience with the rest of us! This way we can begin to better understand the variations of growth across our country and across the different varieties. To participate the only requirement will be to have taken our Mum course. So we are all growing with the same base knowledge. This will be a fun journey to watch unfold and I'm excited to make some new grower friends along the way.

I always felt like Harmony Harvest was more than one specific place or farm and this is the beginning of setting roots everywhere with everyone. Let’s change the world by discovering a better life through CHRYSANTHEMUMS.

XOXO, Jess

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