The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Dahlias! Fall Fancies.

The Crop Report | Dahlias! Fall Fancies.

September, can you believe it? What a beautiful month on the farm; not too hot and the flowers start shimmering in the copper light. We’ve made it to the last round of the year and everything just seems more manageable. Weddings popping up on the schedule reminds me of my own anniversary this month and the smell of pumpkin spice starts to permeate everything. It’s FALL ya’ll!

And it’s finally dahlia time! These demanding little babes make us work for it all year just to finish out the fall season with a fireworks display of blooms. It’s something to behold magical really, with the dappled contours of the changing mountains in the background, our dahlia fields always attract attention, as they should.

And with their much-awaited arrival, we now have the Dahlia Bouquet up for grabs with nationwide shipping for all those loved ones far away. And if you’re in the area you won’t want to miss our pick your own dahlia experience.  Since mom no longer reads these things I’m sneaking in a special code for the bouquet, so hurry up and book yours! The first person to promo code DAHLIAS gets 15% off their bouquet!

I’ve been stuffing my house with dahlias and feeling like I stepped up my fall decor game just by adding these seasonal blooms, do yourself a solid and feel like your own Joanna Gaines!

XOXO, Jess


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