The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Community, Flowers, and Magic Moments

The Crop Report | Community, Flowers, and Magic Moments

It’s another week on the farm and the sun is shining while the birds are chirping. The grass is growing as fast as the crops and more and more folks have been sliding out to say hello and snag some blooms.

It’s been a welcome dose of joy to have so many people come out for a visit and check on me after sharing last week’s news of missing my best friend. This is when I remember how tight this community and flower world that we are building feels. I love you guys; I really, really do. 

I’ve gotten the privilege the past few weeks of telling our story to a couple of different groups. From Northern Virginia to right here on the farm I’ve been out and about spreading the good, floral word. And you want to know what my absolute favorite part of it’s been? Seeing these different groups of folks feel pulled enough to visit.

Last weekend while working the store the sweetest man came in right at close. He had heard me talk earlier in the week and wanted to come “check us out” and grab some flowers for his wife. I told him of all our options from sleeved bouquets to straight bunches, arrangements, and even our flower bar. He told me he really liked the idea of picking out his own stems on the bar but asked if I could help. As we chatted about local life and the different blooms he was selecting from, I watched him carefully choose each individual stem specifically for his dear wife. He took a lot of time to think about her and was excited about what he had chosen when it was all done. It melted my heart.

I also got to play kid with a preschool group this week showing them the flowers and bugs, and seeing who could run up the great big hill the fastest. We told stories in the grass and giggled and hunted for our signature fairy stones in the gravel. (if you’ve been out to the farm, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!) It was pure magic for me just as much as for them.

Us farmers have been working hard to make this place looks as amazing as it feels and man has marketing kicked up our little shop for the year. While Mack makes amazing new designs and Rooty makes sure all your orders are ready and filled we all have big ol’ smiles on our faces ready to welcome you out to the farm!

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