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The Crop Report | Loving and Letting Go

The Crop Report | Loving and Letting Go

As flower farmers, growth is at the heart of everything we do. Each member of our team is involved in a unique aspect of this journey, and it's truly a beautiful process to witness. From planting seeds to nurturing dreams for the farm, every step along the way is filled with growth. Springtime, in particular, feels especially abundant with this energy.

However, while growth is a natural part of life, it's not always easy. To grow means to change, and navigating change can be challenging and even painful at times. At our farm, we not only grow flowers but also the people, the family, and the relationships that are part of our community. Letting go of our loved ones to allow them to grow can be difficult, but it's an act of selflessness and genuine love.


Last fall, we said goodbye to one of our team members, Harleigh, as she moved on to pursue her dreams. We had watched her grow and develop over the years, and we could see that she had become pot-bound. The only way to help her flourish was to encourage her to grow in a new pot. We knew when she move that it was time for her to spread her wings and fly. It was a proud moment for us, but also a difficult one, as we had to let go of someone who had become like family to us. It's not just children who grow up and leave the nest; this process of growth and change happens all around us every day.


I got another dose of that, the first of the year, when the very tough realization that my partner in crime canine, Mercy, needed more than I could provide. Loving an animal can feel the same as loving a human and putting what’s best for them above our own personal needs can feel just as heart-wrenching.

That’s what I had to do; allow my canine companion the opportunity to grow beyond me. It took a few months of very selective searching, but we found the perfect new home for her, and close enough that I have continued to check in on her daily. While I miss her dearly, it brings me comfort to see her happy and thriving in her new home. Letting go of those we love is never easy, but it's an act of selflessness and genuine love. It's about nurturing and releasing them for more growth, even if it means we have to navigate through heartache and grief.


While I now miss Mercy and Harleigh, I will have the privilege of watching them grow through the next stages of this life journey on the regular. The synergy we created together expands to new places just like the flowers we send out into the world.

For me, the reset button comes in the form of looking for new seeds to plant and nurture - whether that's new people, new puppies, new plants, or new relationships. Starting anew allows us to continue to grow and expand our capacity for selfless love and letting go. While it's true that growing on can be harder than growing, it's ultimately the deepest expression of love for the world around us that we can offer.

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