The Crop Report

The Crop Report | When will frost happen?

The Crop Report | When will frost happen?

October is always so busy around - here we kick off the month with the boys’ birthday. Can you believe the twins are 8? I can't. Steph sneaks in a birthday, my husband too, and we close it out with Halloween. 

With all that going on how in the world could we manage to plan anything else? But you all know us and we always like to pack it in.  So we are filling the calendar with wreath workshops and events.  I'm even doing a new embellished floral broom workshop and we are having some near and dear designer friends come to help host and teach! It's going to be a really fun month of creating around here! Check out our events calendar to see what's happening for the rest of the year.

The Dahlias and Victory Garden are really beautiful right now and packed with so much good stuff. But for how much longer is anyone's guess as a couple of seasonally cold nights could end our season. For now, we will guilt you all into coming out and enjoying the invisible ticking clock of killing frost. 

The dried flowers and wreaths have been filling the barn and space and leaving just as fast as we share it which is good because holiday greenery will be arriving soon. October is busy but beautiful and with so much to celebrate and do I hope you find a reason to enjoy the farm this month. 

XOXO, Jess

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