The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Fall Harvest and LOVE

The Crop Report | Fall Harvest and LOVE

It finally feels like fall y’all! The mornings are crisp the air is cool and the leaves are falling- I love it!

We have a lot going on at the farm as we close out September. The last Dahlias and Dessert of the year is happening tomorrow so I know I’m eating well. The treats and the blooms make for the best ending to a week and what’s better than snuggling in a warm sweater picking beautiful booms and snacking on sweet desserts?! Plus, as the head dahlia harvester, I’m excited to have some help clearing out the fields. Yesterday's harvest of 100 bunches didn’t put a dent in the patch!

We are also dolling up that LOVE sign, so you will want to snag a picture by that for sure! Swing out on Saturday for yoga and to see it yourself! So many people have visited our beacon of love this year. It’s such a rewarding feature to connect us all. Plus you will get to see our beautiful buckwheat cover crop that looks so beautiful right now. Next week we are starting the first plantings of spring 2024’s blooms and the circle continues.

The farm store has been rolling out some of our new holiday gifts and fall decor. We grew the prettiest colors of ornamental corn and bundled up some corn stocks- it’s really screaming fall on the farm now.

And if you MUST stay at home make sure to check out those crop circles and this year's first release of our dried product line. The bouquets and wreaths are some of our prettiest to date! (Also a friendly reminder to book that Christmas wreath). The farm team has been quite crafty on the wreath table and it’s a nice break from the fields after a hot dry summer.

While we buzz around soaking up the last few weeks of the farm field’s magic, there is also a strong sense of pride at what we have achieved this year on our little farm. It really has become quite a magical place to share with the community and feel the impact of connection.

XOXO, Jess

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