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The Crop Report | Beating the Heat

It’s so dry here in the valley right now. Driving down the road, corn fields are shriveled and clouds of dust from gravel roads linger through the county. It makes it pretty apparent who the folks supplementing with water are. From vegetable gardens to flower pots and soybean fields, the added care to provide is evident in the green color dotted against the otherwise brown valley.

We’ve worked hard to keep a decent watering rhythm on the farm here in the high heat. The dahlias look dramatically different after long overnight soaks gearing up for their season in September. From pick your own, to dahlias and deserts, and our signature shipped bouquet these little beauties are benefiting from all the extra love as we ramp them up for a debut!

The spring field was removed and prepped for a late fall planting with a cover crop of buckwheat to cover the soil in the meantime. Due to a light layer of straw to hold the moisture and some strategic runs of our tripod sprinklers, the results have been stellar in watching the seed germinate!

Our summer field - like a lot of late summer beds; had succumbed to weeds, so we have spent the week running water to loosen the soil. We are successfully reclaiming our crops from the weed pressure. Running water a few days in advance of hard weeding helps make this backbreaking task more manageable especially if an area gets out of hand. Plus there’s the added benefit of having nice damp soil for the newly discovered seedlings among the weeds!

Our tunnels have been operating on a slow drip watering system that leaks out water directly at soil level on these important crops. This has been critical to us successfully establishing a new 96’ side bed of eucalyptus in our tunnel 4 during this high heat season. The plants are growing and establishing well and have the bar set high as the mature eucalyptus on the other side of house four is THRIVING.


Our Eucalyptus row is one of my favorite spots right now on the farm. I’ve been enjoying bunches in my bathrooms, showers, and just around the house. Kinda makes me feel like I’m living in an essential oils bottle.

With a healthy-looking crop on hand and more coming in the future we decided to expand pick-your-own at Harmony Harvest and offer a eucalyptus pick-your-own cup for just $15 bucks you can fill your entire house! And the first one to come to the farm and use the secret word Koala gets to stuff your cup for 15% off!!!!

Come on out to the farm or snag a bouquet if you’re feeling the summer drought and need something to hydrate the soul. If you’re local, swing by and grab some eucalyptus and a bottle of water from the retail shop. We want you to stay hydrated, no wilting here!

XOXO, Jess

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