The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Hidden Talents and Dried Flowers

The Crop Report | Hidden Talents and Dried Flowers

We got some rain, it might not have been enough to fix the severe deficit, but the noise of rain on a metal roof has never sounded so good. And Saturday is calling for even more!

And it’s about time. The farm has been looking too crispy as we approached the last few weeks for the fields to crank out quality blooms. We were getting a little desperate, and all of us had to bust out our best rain dance moves. It’s funny how talent can show up in hidden places- who knew my sister was a master at twerking! Her hidden talent called on the rain gods and the rest of us got some tips to perfect our own twerking attempts (we all think it’s best to just leave this one to Steph, she is REALLY good!)

Hidden talents tend to pop up everywhere around here and it always shocks me to discover hidden skill sets. With the fields slowing pace, our farm team has been working in the heritage barn getting crafty with the fall wreaths. When we looked at all the practice wreaths hanging on the barn walls Caroline’s designs always tend to be a favorite. While Caroline spends most of her time helping to make sure the farm and plants are well cared for, give her some dried flowers and a wreath ring and magic happens!

Caroline has been teaching us her technique and has Emily helping her create the most beautiful crop circle wreaths we’ve ever had! While they craft away, we were gearing up to launch this year’s dried flower line up. From wreaths to bouquets to crafters bits we just love getting creative with dried flowers this time of year. 

Dried flowers are a different form of art and it’s fun to see unexpected folks find their talent in the sea of strawflowers and dried hydrangea. If you’d like to try your hand at drying flowers, we have an amazing dried course to show you our exact process of naturally preserving fresh flowers and creating basic dried flower crafts. I love giving folks tools to create their own future and love how much this course has helped not only us, but other folks too, so here’s the deal… The first person to use promo DRY15 will get 15% off The Complete Guide to Drying Flowers. 

XOXO, Jess

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