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Mom, we passed!

Mom, we passed!

I’ve got great news! We passed our state inspection on The Mum Project this week! While we had no reason to believe that we wouldn’t pass, it was a nail-biting experience nonetheless. Tens of thousands of plants were inspected by Mrs. Molly from the Virginia Department of Agriculture Services, and y’all, this girl was *thorough* - she legit had a tiny magnifying glass and carefully checked every single leaf. What a job. 

Our state regulators take all kinds of precautions when it comes to moving live plants across state borders. We’re certainly glad they do because no one needs unwanted pests and diseases spreading across the country. We learned so much on our inspection, and can’t wait to have Molly back to the farm on June 8th for our ASCFG tour sharing all of this valuable knowledge. (If you want to come, click here for tickets!)

While the Motherland (that’s what we’re calling the satellite growing space where all the mums live) is happily housing the mum mothers and babies, the fields at Harmony Harvest are greening up and the flowers are beginning to bloom. The first flush of ranunculus begins to creep into bloom and thousands of plants were put in the fields and Victory Garden by everyone on the team. From our designers to our amazing marketing team (“amazing” was added by mentioned marketing team during editing 😏) everyone helped which makes this feel even more like a community farm.


Our spring plant babies were grown out for us by our local community partner, Evergrowin Greenhouses in Montezuma, Virginia. These amazing growers delivered bigger better plants than I’ve ever seen this time of year, which means our fields will be loaded with healthy plants and flowers this year. 


And even better, if you want to grow some of the very same plants we grow here, we asked Evergrowin for a few extra and our farm store will be offering plants for the first time ever! We hope to have the first plants available for our great mum hunt which I KNOW you're coming to right?!? (If you want to come to this too, here’s a link for tickets!)

It’s been a busy but productive week around the farm. However, the whole team agrees that all this hard work feels worth it when you come out and we see the smiles and peace it brings. 💞



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