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The Crop Report | My gaggle of gals

The Crop Report | My gaggle of gals

This week it feels like all of the remaining blank spaces on this year’s calendar just got filled in.  From the last large push of mum cuttings to meetings with our team and community to event planning, ordering, and oh yeah, FARMING. It seems like *overnight*  there are not enough hours in the year to pack in all our plans, but somehow we do. And I know it’s because we are a bunch of badass women.

It's also the month we celebrate and highlight women’s achievements and from every inch of this business I am impacted by the most profound females I could ever dream up. The gratitude I feel for working beside my mother, sister, and gaggle of best friends is the biggest blessing of all, and when I speak of how rich I am it's these treasures I am accounting for.  So many beautiful women inspire me daily, from here at the farm, to our community, and even beyond. There are so many profound females that we celebrate in flowers.

So while our team of incredibly talented females helps us power through what looks to be a tremendously busy season, I'm going to take a little time to appreciate them more.  Take the time to reach out to your favorite woman to let her know she inspires you, your love her, and of course,  send her flowers.

XOXO, Jess

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