The Crop Report

The Crop Report | We are so busy!

The Crop Report | We are so busy!

Hey there! It’s Catherine. The farm has been buried deep in Mother’s Day planning and mum shipping, so you’ll probably get a Crop Report from me next week, too. I was going to try to just write this blog from her perspective, but if you know Jess, then you know her energy is hard to replicate!

A lot is going on this week! The local high school came to the farm yesterday for a field trip. We love when we get the chance to get youth hyped about Agriculture and flower farming. Plus, they were a huge help with mulching the Victory Garden and uncovering the dahlia field. Those kids were such great workers, and they got the farm looking pretty dang good in just two short hours!


We shipped out *so many* mum plants this week. Like, 1,600 plants went out just yesterday. Our fulfillment manager, Rooty, is actually a superstar. We will have one last mega shipping day, if you wanted to hop on the mum train! Friday, May 12th will be the last day to order your plants, and they will be shipping out right after Mother’s Day. 


Speaking of which, Mother’s Day is basically our super bowl, and it’s all hands on deck this week and next. Y’all, we have such a strong team, and we are a real powerhouse when we are working together. The next couple of weeks we are all going to be making floral magic together. And in the midst of all of this… it’s peony time!! We are starting to harvest the early performers, and you can prebook your bouquet now!


See how much we have going on?! This is why Jess hasn’t had time to write a Crop Report this week. If you want peonies, book now,  they'll be shipping soon. And if you want mum plants, you still have time to order! 

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