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The Crop Report | Planting Spring Fields

JessThis week feels like we’re getting into a nice seasonal rhythm. We are finally working in the plants again! The seasonal spring field was uncovered and assessed for weeds. Guess what, we had some! Not a TON, but enough to make this a priority on the farm. Right now the flower seedlings are there but they’re starting to get choked by the baby weeds that grow more aggressively than the flower crops we want. We just need to nip it in the but, and give a thorough weeding while everything is small to make sure those flower babies can outgrow the competition.

Not only are the spring crops waking up, but so are our native woodies and even the first glimpse of peonies. I try to take notes to appreciate the early season while still buzzing around on the farm.

Lisianthus arrived this week and our team quickly knocked out prepping and planting these tiny babes. We get them in trays of 220 plants so they are teeny tiny when they arrive. We have moved from growing them in fabric to open beds this season. To prepare we worked mushroom compost into the soil before giving it a good soak and stretching netting to grid off our planting. We are planting 2 plants per 6” square of netting at opposite corners. This maximizes bed space and helps these shallow-rooted growers support each other.

The daffodils are blooming and the ranunculus will soon be waking up. There is so much to love about spring on a busy farm day.

XOXO, Jess

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