The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Come play in the Flower Fields!

The Crop Report | Come play in the Flower Fields!

Shew, what a busy time on the farm! I’ve never seen so many flowers and smiles and mommas in all my life. It sure did our farm heart good to have such a successful and amazing Mother's Day. THANK YOU! From the best workshop ever (which we’re looking forward to more “cool mom” and group-focused workshops in the future!) to the many faces that came out to pick their mom peonies or created their own custom bouquet from the flower bar, it was a flurry of love all around.


Our cute, little garden center was bustling all of last weekend. Steph, Catherine, and I have never been more proud of each touch we put on the experience of welcoming you to the farm (especially Catherine- she does all the heavy lifting!)


Elizabeth has been in charge of a massive reset at the Motherland. She has moved our 2023 cut crop over to the farm to begin our mum planting! (Can you believe that we are already starting to plant for Fall?) She has created the most amazing and complex data system to help keep our farm from becoming overwhelmed with our Evergrowin' MASSIVE collection! She has been working on the finishing touches of The Mum Project trial and we can’t wait to share our selected trial farm partners for the year!


If you got one of our Mother’s Day products last week, I hope Mack’s designs knocked your socks off as hard as they did mine! And if you missed out, come grab one this week because WOW. I literally saw folks stop in their tracks when they saw some of her impressive designs, and I definitely snagged a few leftovers to enjoy in my home. My personal fave is our small centerpiece design- fair warning, though, it’s hard to pick just one!


Rooty got a new present and if you know her she is beyond thrilled that a new label printer arrived and she won’t let anyone else touch it! We now can print all our plant tags and labels instead of handwriting each one. It’s going to save us so many hours and help us as we learn what you guys expect and want from our garden center and the farm as a whole. We can’t wait to label EVERYTHING!

Sonja and Caroline have made this farm look better than it ever has, from a well-executed spring field that is blooming like clockwork to meticulously manicured tunnel plantings. (Pretty sure we’ve never been this on top of netting those Lisianthus!) With healthy, beautiful crops, and a pretty flush of blooms in the peony patch, the girls are so proud to see each of you come out and enjoy all the hard work and beauty.


I’m hosting Peonies and Pie with the team this Friday, so be sure you stop by to say hi! Plus, Saturday looks like a beautiful day to come explore the farm. We hope you find some time to come soak up a little piece of all the amazing things we are growing.

XOXO, Jess

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