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Grow Heirloom Mums With Us! 

For nearly 10 years, Jess has been cultivating a collection of stunning heirloom mums. Today, we have over 75 varieties of mother mums that we use to propagate thousands of plants each year for the most beautiful fall show you could imagine.

Each January, we release the Mum Garden Box, which was a mix of starts to our favorite varieties. These boxes sell out almost instantly, and the results from our growers is absolutely extraordinary. 

Our next season of Mum Garden Boxes (heirloom bare roots) and the Mum Plug Box will launch once again in January 2023. When they're available, we'll send an email announcement to everyone on our Mum Waitlist. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the email because boxes sell out VERY QUICKLY.  Use the form below to add yourself to the Waitlist!

And, if you're interested in learning how to grow the perfect mum crop, check out our course The Complete Guide to Growing Mums!

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