The Crop Report

The Crop Report | 17 days

The Crop Report | 17 days

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?!? I can’t! I’ve been so busy this season my shopping window of opportunity has quickly diminished, and with four kids expecting a full holiday experience- I’ve gotta get cracking. But speaking of holiday shopping...

Thank goodness we are running kid crafts on the farm right now because it’s been my saving grace! The kids stay distracted because they think we are hosting a party, and happily assist every child that has come to the drying barn to make some natural treasures to gift or keep.

The fresh wreaths and greens are 20% off right now, making it easy to snag a few neighbor gifts or liven up the front porch before Christmas carolers stop by (if you come to my front porch, watch for the 3ft hole Mercy dug at the first step, it’s a doozy!).

And for that perfect gift for the special someone (that can totally be yourself, right?) we are proud to announce we will be hosting an American Grown Field to Vase dinner tour at the farm this coming August. This is going to be the dinner of the year and an unforgettable experience for sure! Grab tickets as these are sure to sell out fast and be the number-one event of 2023!

There’s a lot of moving and shaking behind the scenes here at the farm; so much amazing and good stuff I can hardly believe it myself. I get to share soon, but have promised not to spill the beans early, which means I gotta shut up before I get myself in trouble and focus on the rest of my shopping list.

*Hint, hint* make sure you are on our mum waitlist and keep your eyes peeled on all HHF emails…it’s going to be so worth it!

XOXO, Jess

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