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The Crop Report | Changing of the Seasons

October on the farm has been a little cooler and rainier than my sunshine-loving heart prefers; it’s a shift of seasons that I battle every year. I know it’s coming but the reality is my seasonally affected mood swings with the breezy gusts. It’s like my soul KNOWS the lush beauty I live and thrive among is about to disappear. It’s a battle I’ve fought my entire life, just ask The Lady Monarch.

I’ve had to find ways as a nature lover to combat this, like extra time in a warm seedling greenhouse or tending to some houseplants but the truth is I find my peace with the flowers and friends. I tend to migrate to the Drying Barn where the fresh seasonal bounty seems frozen in time. While the blooming bunches carry a different (crunchier) vibe, they seem to keep my heart content when I’m yearning for those summer feelings. Chatting over the wreath table or processing dried flower bunches with the team brings back my energy quicker than anything.

And man, have I been in a mood as strong as the fall weather hit us. Since I can’t be the only one who feels this way I decided to share my coping strategy with anyone else looking to hold on to a bit of the garden as the season comes to an end.

Dried flower wreath-making with friends sounds like the perfect mental boost right now, so I’m hosting another gathering at the farm on October 22nd. Come out to learn how to harvest and create wreath forms and then adorn them with some of our favorite dried flowers. Bonus for us toting children, we will offer a kid-friendly add-on for them to join the fun! I mean flowers ARE for everyone and if they improve attitudes I’m for having all ages participate!

Don’t want to bundle up and trek to the farm? No sweat, we like cozy indoor spaces too! And that’s why we partnered with our friends at Stable Craft Brewing to host a second dried flower wreath workshop on November 27th. However, no one’s going to judge if you come to both; I’m a collector of these beautiful wreaths that are fun to make and hang in my home (or you can always gift your handmade creation - the holidays are quickly approaching).

I hope you can join in some fun, floral, fellowship where we can all beat the impending winter blues and discover a better life through flowers together!

XOXO, Jess

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