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The Crop Report | Barn Goals

The Crop Report | Barn Goals

This week is another busy one and filled with all things that feel like fall. The drying barn is humming with the gentle bang of the wreath table as beautiful Crop Circle Wreaths fill the space and our seasonal stash of dried flowers is transformed into bouquets, bulk collections, and crafter’s boxes. It’s a fun mental switch from farming to creating that we all enjoy. We have actually become so much more efficient with our drying methods and weekly team meetings also help us knock out processing large volumes of flowers for the last of this season's push to dry. We have all played important parts in creating such a strong working system from planning crops to storing and crafting that each of us feels a real sense of pride when we stand in our Heritage / Drying Barn. I’ve been sneaking folks up there on Harvest Tours lately just to show it off; it's quite the sight. 

There is just something magical about the setting of our old barn adorned with strung rows of dried flowers. Which makes it the perfect spot to host our new Bloom Session series, a casual and fun hands-on flower workshop here at the farm! We will be designing together farmhouse-style with the season's best ingredients and learn some new tips and facts as we go.  This intimate workshop is geared toward all who want some genuine connection with folks and nature. Sure we will learn some flower and design stuff, but the biggest takeaway each guest of our workshops tells us they leave with is the amazing communal experience (but the pretty floral designs you will take home ain't a bad bonus!).

We really enjoy these experiences to design together and learn from one another and plan to host lots more in the future. Join us next Saturday at 1pm for our first of what we hope to be many Bloom Sessions. Heck, make a whole day of it and join us for our monthly flowering of the love sign, visit our Victory Garden and check out our bonus sunflower field, and make sure you stop by the Farm Shop - we tucked lots of new and exciting goodies in there to make gift giving easy!

XOXO, Jess

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