The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Turning Soil

The Crop Report | Turning Soil

This week the farm is in full transition. It’s kinda like starting a new chapter in a book as we gear up for fall, winter, and beyond on the farm. I feel like I never live in the right season as we are always thinking and planning at least a few months out.

The lower high tunnels are being prepared for fall and it’s so much fun to see these tired spaces come back to life. We have removed our fabric from the rows and leached out the salt by allowing the land to breathe for a few days and running sprinklers to clean the land. Compost and nutrients have been added to help give our new crops a healthy, fresh start. We are making good use of the new BCS tiller and are able to break up some compacted areas in tight spaces with this fancy new mechanical man; all the girls around here love him!

We are now working to get the fabric relaid and new crops planted so that after a field-killing frost there will still be many blooms to share from our tunnels. The spring field was planted with a sunflower cover crop which we are hopeful to time up with an end of season pick-your-own sunflower field right behind our iconic LOVE sign!

While the team and I work to keep the farm in rhythm we have also enjoyed seeing new faces strolling the property and perusing the new Farm Shop. I’ve been the resident grader from the golf cart as I continue to nurse my bum leg and take note of all the signage and info we still need to get up!

Each week we add a few new things to the farm and figure out better ways of sharing this space with others. I hope you come out to see it, enjoy the tranquil setting we call our office, and help us share with others how to live a better life through flowers!

XOXO, Jess

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