The Crop Report

The Crop Report | When does school resume...?

The Crop Report | When does school resume...?

It's the weird week between Christmas and New Years. My house looks like a toy store war zone, the tree is completely dried out from lack of water, and all four of our new bathrooms are staying busy with a house full of kids, guests, family, and a buffet of decadent food.

We've picked up exploded trash bags out of the yard (thanks, dogs… specifically Mercy), slow-dripped faucets to try and prevent busted frozen pipes, and tried really hard to find the bottom of the laundry pile.

 So in other words I'm ready to get back to work-  Anyone else?

While it's traditionally quieter in farm life in the winter, that just isn't the case at this flower farm.  We are working harder than ever in building plans and sorting out the logistics of all of our 2023 dreams.  We have been working so hard this year on our Mum Project and we’re gearing up to share some of what we have in the works (last chance to join the mum wait list and not miss this exciting news!).

We are working on budgets, scheduling, finetuning crop plans, resetting our farm store, and creating a year-long lineup that is going to be our best yet. Whether virtual or in person, we have so much in the works to give you a part of the farm.

Next week, we have our big annual team meeting to brainstorm together. It's one of our favorite times we meet.  It's always off the farm and with lots of food and dry-erase drawings and lists.  Sometimes it even resembles “Win, Lose or Draw” but a lot of good stuff comes out of that planning meeting, and with such an organized and motivated gaggle of gals, I can't wait to jump into the details again and put our dreams into a plan together… as soon as I get my kids back in school and the dead Christmas tree out of the house.

XOXO, Jess

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