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The Crop Report | Dried Flower Therapy

The Crop Report | Dried Flower Therapy

Wow! I’m not alone in my seasonal blues! Last week in the Crop Report I shared about my lifelong battle with coping and managing my seasonal affectedness through dried flowers and so many of you reached out to say you relate! Dealing with our emotional connection to nature when the season quickly comes to an end can play real havoc in how we manage life day to day.

I’ve experienced so much solitude in our dried flower crops to help me manage the emotional pull and pressure that seems to encompass me just like the season swallows the farm. Especially this week, when a few days of a hard freeze took the majority of our field blooms.

There is something that feels so much more real about working with dried flowers this time of year. Their presence feels natural, and the ability to use them feels like squeezing the last drops out of Mother Nature’s bounty. There is still warm energy in those dried stems and when I begin to create with these frozen-in-time blooms I get that authentic quench my summer-loving heart needs.

Drying flowers, knowing how to preserve them naturally, and understanding the basics of dried design and creation was a big project we wanted to document on the farm after a wonderful drying year in 2021. So we spent our winter and early spring months creating some structure and how-to for our specific methods to help guide us in the throes of the dried flower season. It worked! And not only did our well mapped-out drying program prepare and help us manage the project, but it also empowered every new face we introduced to our dried flower system to understand the fundamentals and lend hands!

Our road map gave us the basics to build a wonderful dried flower program that’s true to our vision of helping everyone discover a better life through flowers and we wanted to share it with you! Keep your eyes out for our Dried Flower Course, which will be released next week for the full rundown on incorporating dried flowers into your life. From the basics of what to grow to how to set up a drying area to coming up with designs and how we make them, this course gives you everything we have learned about dried flowers. I hope this gives you the ability to squeeze out the last bit of summer vibes during the bleakest of seasons!

XOXO, Jess

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