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The Crop Report | Mumvember

We are still in chrysanthemum heaven over here after our Mum Summit and Mum Showcase events this past weekend! It’s been a nice, warm week with cold weather knocking on the door, so we have been busy little farmers, tending to our bounty of mums and preparing them for the dropping temps.

The crop looks smashing, dazzling, jaw-dropping… well, at least that’s how our visitors have described them, and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s been fun inviting folks to come discover the beauty and pick their own bouquets in the mum field. (Saturday looks like the last perfect day for our field mums so come stuff a cup and soak in some fall sunshine).

The bouquets and bulk boxes that Mackenzie has been designing and Sarah has been packing look better than ever before, and there is still time for you to snag one before Thanksgiving to enjoy a little of this flower magic in your home too.

Marketing has spent more time than normal out at the farm helping us update and refresh our mum growing course, and helping film tutorial videos so that we share our newest methods for cultivating spectacular mums. It’s been a lot of giggling over outtakes and reminding ourselves we aren’t cut out for TV.

But that’s not all the mum news! We have been working behind the scenes to bring some exciting news on growing mums with us next year so you DEFINITELY want to stay tuned for that! Make sure you are on the Mum Waitlist - this will be an announcement you don’t want to miss! 

We still grow other crops (and even have some still blooming!) but it’s Mumvember here so I still have a few more weeks to focus on my favorite flower of all time and convince you of the same. Mums are THE BEST!

XOXO, Jess

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