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The Crop Report | It's All About the Mums

The Crop Report | It's All About the Mums

If I was forced to grow just one type of flower for the rest of my life it would be a hard decision, but I would still confidently say: chrysanthemums. I’m not bashful about singing their praises in beauty and ease of growing, but honestly, I think I’m so passionate about them because they helped me establish my footing in cultivating beautiful blooms.

This was my learning crop, the one that became the guinea pig to so many great discoveries on the farm. A crop that, with grace and forgiveness, overlooked and rebounded from the stress and struggles I inflicted as I learned the ropes in my own garden. They were easy-to-read plants showing more visible signs of what really bugs them (pun totally intended). They taught me to understand the plant signs and learn how to see them in some of the more “tricky to grow” flowers along my journey.

After I became a proud mum parent to a few seasons of chrysanthemum crops I started finding interest in seeking out lost varieties. The mums felt like a honey hole for a plant collector like me. A flower that has a global following in its own society and pop-up shows across the nation showcasing prized private collections. All this was fascinating and my collection began to grow to the vast variety we house today. When this crop begins to bloom there is nothing that I want more than to share them, so we have come up with a wide array of ways to offer you our prized mum crop.

Preorder a bouquet or a big ol’ box of the majestic beauties on our website. They will be shipping soon. This is our favorite bouquet of the year, so make sure you don’t miss out as they tend to go quickly, and once you hold one you will see why!

The Mum Summit will be a virtual event happening on November 4th. This Facebook live event will give you all the fun nerdy facts on this year's 35-specimen national trial as well as a comprehensive rundown of our heirloom collection. You will meet our growing team that spent all season tending to the mums and Dave Dowling, the Ball Horticulture mentor for our national trial. Answering real-time questions and telling you our REAL thoughts on these varieties, you won’t want to miss it so snag a ticket and join! (Ticket holders will have full access to a recording post-event.)

The Mum Showcase on November 5th gives you the chance to see this year's crop in real-time. Walk the houses and review our trial results, enjoy a JessTalk (better than a Ted talk) on all things mums, and a design demo from esteemed designer TJ McGrath (bonus-you can even snag a pre-event workshop ticket to design with our celebrity designer with our coveted mums!), and to close it out we will flower the love sign in mums for the perfect photo op!

Intrigued by growing mums? You can do it just like us! We offer a digital growing course breaking down the entire season month by month and how to grow a spectacular bounty of mums like we do!

Need the plants? It’s the one crop we ship. Make sure you join our Mum Waitlist for the second we release our Garden Boxes and you can have a little piece of Harmony Harvest growing where you live.

The world of mums is truly amazing so I hope you will join me in one or a few of all of our fun adventures discovering a better life through chrysanthemums.


XOXO, Jess

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