The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Follow Me to the Flower Fields

The Crop Report | Follow Me to the Flower Fields

Evening strolls around the farm are one of my favorite things to do in June. The quiet of the farm as it settles in from a busy day is what this storybook lifestyle is all about. After weaving around the farm, I always end up with a bountiful armload of blooms. I collect a few of my favorites and build a deeper connection to the flowers that adorn my house each week as I recall the patch they came from.

This has always been the premise of what we wanted to capture and offer in our Pick-Your-Own Victory Garden but on a whim I decided to level it up (the team always loves this). During a scheduled farm tour the other weekend, I offered to do a harvest tour instead where each guest would walk the fields with me to harvest flowers for a bouquet they could take home. They loved it and I did too!

So while we begin the final stretch of creating a pick-your-own garden experience, join us in June on for a Harvest Tour! It will be so fun to show off the beautiful farm the crew has worked so hard to prepare and share all my behind the scenes comments; tips, tricks and fun facts about growing; harvesting; and designing fresh from the fields.


XOXO, Jess

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