The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Summer Bloomin'

The Crop Report | Summer Bloomin'

It’s another hot week on the farm with a few stray showers intermixed. The summer stress certainly affects some of our flowering crops, but others seem to thrive on these intense dog days of the season. Looking down the rows of celosia, zinnias, and quick-blooming sunflowers, the summer field is a burst of color. I love the eclectic mix that summer gives off from the bubblegum balls of gomphrena to the pillow-like blooms of hydrangea, the selection of blooms is so diverse right now.

There are few times during the year when the design table has such endless choices of customer favorites to build bouquets with and August is definitely one of them. Us designers love to live in the spoils of summer abundance and take our duty to give you the most diverse and engaging bouquet VERY seriously. 

I think that’s why the Bouquet Box has all our hearts right now. It’s literally the product that makes every team member squeal with delight when an order comes in. Our farmers have primo crops to harvest top-notch blooms from, the design table has tons of options to get creative with, and sweet Rooty, our fulfillment manager, is the pack master, adding the perfect touches so you know it was sent from a family who cares.

The Bouquet Box is a perfect way to send someone the entire flower farm in a box! And who doesn’t need to feel like they have their own flower farm during the beauty of August!?!

XOXO, Jess

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