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The Crop Report | Mum Wonderland

The Crop Report | Mum Wonderland

We are about to have Virtual Mum Summit and the Mum Showcase on the farm and I can’t wait to show the world my favorite flower of all! The tunnels are being cleaned and the barn is being swept to show off our beautiful collection of mums in bloom.

We are excited to talk about trial varieties with Dave Dowling from Ball ColorLink at the Summit and design along with TJ at the Showcase but most of all we are excited to talk shop with fellow mum enthusiasts! Everyone falls in love with this crop and starts trying to figure out how to grow them themselves.

Over the years we have helped dozens of flower enthusiasts enjoy mums and last year, we even launched our Complete Guide to Growing Mums. It helped us to really dig into answering all those questions folks (myself included) have had throughout a growing season. This course gives you access to our tried and true methods of growing quality heirloom mums!

Best yet we don’t only share the knowledge, but the plants as well! Our waitlist for January bare root boxes is lengthy and you definitely want to be on it. These boxes give you a way to grow beautiful heirloom chrysanthemums in your own fall garden!

We have some exciting mum things in the works and will be sharing more about our favorite flower soon but in the meantime make sure you check out this year's crop at our upcoming events or follow along on social media!

XOXO, Jess

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