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Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Boy, have I missed writing here. A place to dump my flower-filled mind, and offer a little friendship and kindred spirit to all who read. Since the last time I wrote (almost a year ago), so much has happened. So many stories, successes, and hardships. I spent most of my time in the trenches doing so much that I didn't have a chance to breathe, reflect, refocus. 

Helpful tip: always take time to process, it’s just as important to the journey as the forward motion of pressing on. 

Over the past year, the children have grown, the farm has expanded, and the businesses have both evolved.  Our family operation has welcomed more family faces on board, and we are gearing up for some new and exciting components to 2018.

I’m going to continue to write here, if for nothing else to document our life and help myself to refocus. I want to share the bounty of what we harvest, the beauty of what we create, the excitement of new projects, and the experiences I am determined to change the way this flower industry works. The season is about to begin, and as I dig my hands into the potting mix and inhale the all familiar scent of earthiness I am reminded of all the answers to "why".


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