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Checking In

Checking In

 It’s the middle of March - can you believe that? Almost a solid quarter of the way into 2017 and it’s amazing to think of all that we have already accomplished.  This past weekend found us revisiting daylight savings time. With a full hour sucked out of my internal clock overnight the opportunity to stew over a hot cup of coffee and assess was a welcome mental project.

Maybe you caught sight of our new 96-foot high tunnel greenhouse we have been constructing this week behind our barn.  With a pending snow (as Mother Nature’s final hurrah approaches), I’m so thankful to NOT have hurried this project along so we don’t have fresh plastic to keep snow off of.  We also took advantage of having a crew of greenhouse construction pros on site and worked to have our first built high tunnel re-enforced and shored up. These two houses will dramatically improve our ability to grow and will hopefully pave the way for yet another new structure to join the high tunnel line up later this summer.

The earliest crops have been fooled by mother nature this year and are starting to be harvested in armloads of abundance and beauty.  We are checking the daffodils daily and harvesting the first flushes of hellebore and anenome.  Before much longer the ranunculus, tulips, and poppies will join in. As the fields awaken new employee faces will join the mix and the hum of business will grow louder and louder.


This week we will be placing a new storage and packhouse building while kicking off our first wedding of the season.  I am excited as I feel the anticipated rumblings of spring.  I am excited as I watch our well thought out plans be put into place.  I am excited to share the journey this year.  I am excited to see it all happen myself.


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