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A New Face For a New Future in the Flower Community

A New Face For a New Future in the Flower Community

I know there has been much anticipation and excitement about our new shipping program. We have slowly shared our product line up, our process, and visions for how this can work to strengthen our industry and put locally grown farm blooms in the hands of those who desire them. Now, I can finally show you how this beautiful idea has come to life.

Harmony Harvest Farm has a fresh new face and a strong new feel; our new brand is all inclusive of how I see it evolving and building in the future. This small idea is growing, and it has a strength and a momentum building that is far greater than anything my single farm could ever fulfill. This hunger is has sparked the idea to build a community within, a network of harmony harvesters to fill the need, the love, and the desire to have American grown blooms.

While it will always be one of our eternal works in progress, is where we will now call home. Our plot on the digital landscape that will grow with more products, more farmer faces, and more knowledge that we can share together. Today, the family farmer blog is my voice but who knows who might step up on this bulb crate next and share their stories.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the new site, I hope you take a minute to check it out and browse the blooms. We love offering our flowers to everyone, and provide our business friends with exclusive pricing on all of our flowers and arranging tools (to sign up for one, click here).

Inventory for each collection is limited per week, so be sure to prebook your order to secure your farm-fresh blooms. You can prebook your color boxes from June - September, with specialty color collections and growers choice boxes available weekly.

With open arms, and big dreams, we say welcome to Harmony Harvest Farm, and we can't wait to share what this journey holds.

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